Tax planning

Tax planning — minimising tax liabilities

How best to take profits from your business
We consider your situation and that of the business before recommending best options. We find the most tax-efficient and most business-effective means to take profits out of the company. We base our recommendations on the company structure and major shareholder interests.

calculator iconBenefiting from allowances and reliefs
We make sure that our clients claim all the allowances that they are entitled to and review areas where reliefs are applicable.

We steer our clients through the differences between gross income and taxable income, adjusted after costs, allowances and provisions.

How best to structure the business
For start ups, getting the company formation right at the outset makes a significant difference to how the directors may draw income. We examine your objectives and long-term goals and advise you on the best structure.

For businesses that need to change their structure mid-stream, we consider the purpose and possible outcomes of change to guide you on making the right decision. We also help in the change administration.

We analyse the financial history, and work with you to examine your trading situation and future planning to get the best structure in place.

Buying and selling companies
In buying companies — to acquire turnover or market share or to obtain special skills and knowledge — there will be minefields to circumnavigate. We will undertake a thorough review of tax implications, with a view to minimising tax liabilities to increase profitability.

Some business owners have an exit strategy in mind, but for those who don’t, we can advise on various options well ahead of time to make proper preparation with minimal tax liability.


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