Payroll — simplifying the process

It is important for employers to get their payroll system working seamlessly because the wages, salaries, benefits (private health, company car, bonus), PAYE and NICs represent a substantial outgoing sum each month.

It is equally important for employees who rely on timely payment transfers to their bank accounts. HMRC take a similar view in the expectation of what they are owed, in terms of PAYE tax and national insurance.

Payroll service
We undertake a complete payroll service for clients, ensuring all PAYE and NIC deductions are made in time. We calculate sick and statutory maternity pay and pension payments, and we provide employee pay-slips with all calculations clearly reflected.

We will also provide you with monthly payroll summaries and annual payroll reports that reflect P14 and P35 returns and manage your P11d expenses and benefits filing.


Benefits of a payroll service to you
There are the obvious advantages of outsourcing your payroll to us, and the less obvious, but just as beneficial.

You reduce your overheads by not employing a full-time (or part-time) payroll administrator and you are guaranteed of complying with UK government regulations, which can be onerous and exacting.

The less obvious benefits relate to payroll software. You won’t be harassed with annual software updates, software training and retraining, and familiarising yourself with your legal duties.

HMRC takes no prisoners. There is a great deal to understand about PAYE, national insurance, statutory maternity and sick pay, student loan deductions and other payroll calculations. Perhaps our most convincing argument is that we remove the need to deal with HMRC queries.

Payroll for the construction industry
The Construction Industry Scheme (CIS), relating to payment for work undertaken by subcontractors (subbies) for contractors, regulates how these payments and tax deductions are to be made. We can undertake all your requirements of contractor and subcontractor registration with HMRC and send the department monthly returns stating payments and relevant deductions.
Payroll for recruitment agencies
For recruitment agencies that undertake full payroll responsibility on behalf of their clients for contract staff, we can provide a full service from payment and various deductions such as PAYE, NICs, etc with monthly summaries and annual reports.

For agencies that pay contract staff on gross terms, we can facilitate such payments, also providing monthly summaries and annual reports.


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