Finance director

A virtual finance director — cost-effective professional support

For companies that don’t wish, or can’t afford, to carry the cost of a permanent internal role or that want a part-time interim finance director, we can provide support.

We produce timely and accurate management accounts. We’ll meet with you, monthly or quarterly, to discuss them in plain English and review the results and progress towards business goals.

As a virtual finance director, we will also control and reduce costs for your business to improve your bottom line, and help you manage cash flow. We measure the profit earned from each of the different products or services that your business sells, and we set up systems and controls to streamline your accounts recording and preparation.

As part of this service, we provide an independent, external view on proposed business decisions and an experienced person to discuss business growth ideas. We’ll identify key performance indicators (KPIs) to enable you to test and measure your business growth and profitability

What we also do for you
We can support a company with high-level financial advice by looking at its long-term business ambitions, forecasting and operations that are affected by finance. We also ensure you don’t unwittingly incur compliance penalties.

Why this is a good option
Outsourcing this set of skills and expertise gives you greater control over overheads. Companies buy in the expertise when they need it — for example, in preparing a business plan for a bank financing application. It also gives you the reassurance that nasty surprises are avoided.

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