Construction Industry Scheme

CIS rules, regulations and registrations

construction iconAll building contractors are required to register with HMRC and to follow its regulations that ensure subcontractors are paid within the scheme in its prescribed way. As market conditions and fluid employment situations change, so HMRC reviews and updates its stipulations. It’s essential to keep abreast of the changes.

The responsibilities of building contractors
Contractors are responsible for verifying their subcontractors with HMRC and for making various deductions from their payment. Contractors are also obligated to pay HMRC those earnings deductions it makes — and reflect such deductions on the subcontractor payslips.

HMRC also require from contractors a monthly return detailing all payments to and deductions from all subcontractors, even where a contractor has not made any payments to subcontractors during that month.

What we do for you
There is enough paper work, administration and red tape to contend with on site.

Having to verify each subbie — brickie, electrician, plumber, plasterer, painter — and submit their payment details each month to an ever vigilant HMRC is a needless headache. It’s a task we easily undertake for our contractor clients.

Leave us with the onerous task of compliance and dealing with HMRC on your behalf. We’ll manage the payroll with all its related calculations, terms and conditions, CIS payslips, HMRC administration and statutory returns, in time.

We leave you the time to deal with possible project over-runs, late deliveries, incorrect specifications, wrong procurements or wrangling with subbies — unforeseen challenges, no matter how well a business is run.

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