Business growth

Business ambition

business-evolution-profitsAny business coach will advise you that business growth should be the optimum, sustainable goal.

Business growth will enable you to employ other people to work the business — giving you more time with your family, enjoy other interests or to grow the operation into a sizeable business that you could sell very profitably.

Business growth happens organically — naturally through expansion of operations — or through acquisition: buying another company for its trading efficiencies, assets or market share.

Pursuing growth goals means identifying and seizing opportunities before a competitor does. To recognise opportunities, business owners must know their overall goal, the resources needed — those on hand and those to be acquired — and the present financial situation of his or her company.

Well-informed, well-judged decisions
Being a business owner can be a lonely job… and growing a company, even lonelier.

We work with our clients to find answers, to clarify issues and to provide an objective, sometimes alternative insight into a particular conundrum. Sometimes we’re a sounding board, and at other times we crunch the numbers so that our clients can make well-informed, well-judged decisions.

Business growth for smaller companies
It is not necessarily the case that larger companies have the better market share or that small businesses, with a small market share, are disadvantaged.

Smaller businesses can often spot market trends more easily than their larger competitors because they’re closer to the market momentum. They have usually better client relationships. By listening to clients, growth opportunities emerge.

We work with our clients to draft a financial forecast based on budgeted and actual costs and income. We provide the detail they need: breakdowns and interpretation. We discuss with you where you want your business to go, and help you get there.

Ever-ready financial barometer
We help clients to prepare for growth by being ever-ready with sound financial information about their business. One of our clients missed a business deal because the previous accountant hadn’t produced their accounts until six months after the year-end, and they didn’t have the information they needed to grab the opportunity.

Whatever we do for our clients, we make sure we add value.

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