Bookkeeping essentials

booksBookkeeping is just the record of transactions. As business processes have evolved with the progress of technology, so has bookkeeping. A manual system, such as a small business proprietor might have, would need a sales journal to record each invoiced transaction and a purchase register to note each item or service that is bought.

Bookkeeping – moving with the times
As we move towards a cashless economy, petty cash, cash books and cheque books are relegated to the Charles Dickens novels. Modern bookkeeping software programmes replace physical journals and ledgers, seamlessly integrating the information into appropriate financial records.

Bookkeeping – a legal requirement
All businesses have to keep copies of bank statements, invoices, cash receipts and sales payments, with a record of date, object and supplier. We will help in either setting up or maintaining your accounts receivable, accounts payable and general ledgers, if you need it.

Bookkeeping service
We can provide a complete bookkeeping service at very reasonable rates on a monthly, quarterly or six-monthly arrangement. We will ensure all receipts are cross referenced in case of VAT inspections, and that the balance sheet reflects all the vouchers (credit card receipts, etc).

Bookkeeping training
For those of our clients who want to undertake their own bookkeeping, we can provide training and ongoing support to staff on Sage and QuickBooks systems – both are world leader programs.

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